First and last

Gift Shop

JOHN O’GROATS CRAFTS LTD is one of the most unique craft shops you will find anywhere in Scotland. The design of the ‘First and Last’ is in keeping with the legend of Jan de Groot and his seven sons, being eight sided. Positioned by the ferry pier, is open all year. When the Orkney ferry is running, May to September, we are open extended hours until. Rest of the year is 9.00am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, Sunday 12.00noon to 5pm. There is a tremendous selection of crafts and souvenirs, many named John O’Groats, spoons, magnets, pens, pencils, thimbles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ties, our extensive tea towel selection, books, maps, postcards and 40 different miniature whisky’s including the ‘Jan de Groot dram’. The ‘First and Last’ is a signing-in point for the Lands End John O’Groats Association.

Tel: 01955 611371 and 01955 611741.
Office: 01955 611360. Fax: 01955 611220