Seaman Foghorn Memorial

The former Duncansby Foghorn recently moved to its new home at John O’Groats, which is located just a short walk from the JOG signpost. 

Work on a seafarers' memorial at John O'Groats is progressing well with the old Duncansby foghorn now taking pride of place on the seafront.

The freshly painted red foghorn has been moved to its new home behind the Last House in an area that had been spruced up for the occasion.

"The whole place is starting to look very good," said Andrew Mowat, treasurer of the John O'Groats Development Trust.

"It is all coming along. It looks amazing, and you can now take a wheelchair along the path."

He explained that the trust had secured funding for the project which meant that the entire area behind the Last House could be newly landscaped and stone chippings put down.

Praising the job done by plant hire operator Gordon Robertson, of Barrock, Mr Mowat said: "He has done an enormous amount of work and was really helpful.